The Entitlement Mess

Social Security and Medicare are entitlements but not a ‘contractually earned right.’  They were payroll deduction and seniors are entitled to collect the benefits.  Medicaid, food stamps and other assistance programs have become entitlements based on moral principles that all are entitled to live with dignity.

Feeling entitled because of attained accomplishments or position is narcissistic arrogance.

Be disgusted by elitist belittling of entitlement recipients.

Get informed.  Read the article and comments on  It’s too late to play the blame game.  The Social Security Trust Fund is gone.  Both political parties are the irresponsible looters.  It is evident Congress wants to hold liable the contributors to the fund for the malfeasance.

Government officials will not be jailed for these fraudulent acts.  I don’t know if their culpability can be eased by taxing the benefactors for repayment of gains made in this Ponzi scheme.  It is a good starting place.  I do know financial punishment of the population for acts committed against them is wrong.


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