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My middle-class upbringing was satisfying.  It offered challenge, contentment and comfort.  The rich didn’t bother me and I thought those with less could work their way out of it.

Aging didn’t produce sudden wisdom but changing American and world policies were intruding on my laissez-faire attitude toward life.  Political/media gobbledegook had made me run toward a decision without much thought as I climbed on board the bandwagon, or the path of least resistance.  I swallowed enough ‘for the good of all’ until I realized these changes weren’t good for anyone.

‘What Do You Want?’ became an automatic question for me.  I quit asking ‘how high’ when the establishment said ‘jump.’  It was time to look at the problems differently.  I chose a more cold-hearted pragmatism but the view was clearer.

I started this blog to foster communication about the ‘gotcha’ moments we’ve been trapped into.  My personal speech and writing replaces euphemistic words with clear and concise language that mean what is said.

This blog is merely a vehicle to exchange ideas about America and its place in the global structure and it’s effect on people.  All opinions are welcome, but offer them without subject/personal bias as disassociation fosters intolerance.  Factious displeasure is fine but its focus is limiting.  THINK for yourself.  THINK BIGGER!!!


In the fifties and sixties, there was a boundless supply of music.  As I tried to listen to it all, my own personal tastes were a progression from the get-go.  I had no loyalty for one genre over another; it either flowed or it didn’t.  Out of it all, my favorites became rhythmic-style blues, rock and roll, folk, garage rock, and later, rock’s heavier sound.

Music made me think beyond my own class experiences.  I found logic in a lyric in ‘Monterey’ by Eric Burton & The Animals: “If you want to find the truth in life, don’t pass music by,” but ‘Lives In The Balance,’ made me check out the Jackson Brown song.


My music pushed my awareness.  My eroding middle-class life-style made me do something about it.  Playing ‘nice’ with ’corporates’ or ‘governments’ is a waste of time and challenges your self-respect.

Bloggers provide a global outlet for the public’s comments/opinion.  Everyone has access to the internet (yea! Net Neutrality).  Use it!  If your idea/comment isn’t a posted subject matter, connect to me directly via the ‘Contact Me’ form.



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