Paradise Lost in Paper

The silence of the masses is deafening!!

The blind acceptance that the simple knowledge of where the money is and who took it is disturbing.  Criminal action is the vehicle used to undermine our livelihood.  Doing nothing, says we approve of this brand of unequal justice.

Wikipedia tops the list for my search engine.  It says, 13.4 million confidential electronic documents relate to offshore investments by world oligarchs.  To be sure, we don’t know these people.  They are not our intimates.  They have built a world apart from the masses.

We’ve learned that apparently a ‘super plan’ exists, one concocted by the few and mighty.  The massive quantity of documents telling about this financial corruption is alarming.  The path eased by government legalization is as criminal as the acts.

I am disgusted to learn the depth of deceit perpetrated by the ‘Who’s Who’ of the world.  They know neither shame nor have a moral compass.

We don’t own or have access to anything that matters, except youtube, twitter, Facebook and a host of other media outlets not controlled by big money.  Use them to say “make Americans great again.”

Tag this site and tag everything you post or read.  Get this to be a chat topic.


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