The Donald is IN

The people cut off the head of the political establishment but left the body of the snake intact.  We have elected a brash, ill-spoken, politically incorrect ‘man’ with no ties to public office.  He tapped into our displeasure of the status quo and the economic reality of what this country has become.


The presumptive coronation will not take place.  The ‘royal family’ establishment the elites have coddled since the Kennedys, has ended;  no more Bushs and no more Clintons.  However, on one hand, we have reverted to type by not rallying behind our first woman presidential candidate; on the other hand, she was the wrong woman.


Concentrate on the economy, Donald Trump!  Do what benefits the public.  The people are sixteen years into National debt, so your largesse to include them along with corporate tax cuts is business as usual; the people get less and pay more.  Be smarter about moving money around the globe; it’s logistics.  Make America great again!


Immigration/migrants/refugees cannot be solved with a wall or by a blanket policy made of wishful thinking.  Each categtory presents a separate consideration.  As the president and a human being, you and your advisors should identify the root crisis before acting on behalf of America.  Today, we don’t have a positive world opinion, so play nice.


Get American out of the Middle East.

That’s for starters:


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