US Presidential Election Is About The Money

The US Presidential election is a farce of great magnitude.  We’ve been subjected to reports of the most trivial personal aspects of the two candidates in order to elect a winner.  And, we will get one of them.


In short, the public can do nothing about, nor has it any interest in, if Donald Trump will look at the outcome ‘at the time.’  The ‘wall’ boast offered more passion than his potential loss will, and like the ‘wall’ he’ll get over it.  His bluster will not incite a revolution and we can forget about the cheap talk of overthrowing the winner.  Like those who disdained President Obama, Madam President (according to the polls) will be afforded the protection the position demands.  At best, DT will experience the first disappointment The Donald has felt.  I look forward to hearing the one-liner we’ll get from him.


Hillary Clinton’s ceremonial stoic persona, on the other hand, is sold as ‘experienced and confident.’  The sale falls short of credible.  I see her humor as forced, vague and uninformative, and reports tell me nothing different.  Her public presence is for a candidate you cannot reach.


I am an independent voter and, imo, neither candidate possesses qualities that make a leader.  It does not matter which candidate wins.  Both offer conciliatory solutions to what the American people are asking for.


Hillary talks that we’re all about families and children.  I’m not:  I want to hear plans for a happy retirement life and not have to trade medication for food.  She wants to cut SS, so how’s she paying for the other?


And, in addition to being rankled by a vulture-type candidate who gloats over how much money he made during the floundering housing crisis, Donald Trump’s cavalier dismissal of his $1B income tax loss should alarm all mortgagors and tax payers.  Despite his off-shore business ventures, Donald says we’ll bring jobs back to America.  Talk about balancing any budget is like believing in fool’s gold.


We have experience with empty promises.  Another opportunity to see them at the Catholic charities fundraiser changed nothing.  Hillary did not falter as the ‘bell of the ball’ and kept the persona going.  Donald and Melania looked uncomfortable and out of their element.  It was not his brand.


In the next four years, we will either have lower business taxes or a continuance of world order.


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