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America rallied during the primaries behind Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  Each of them said things we were feeling.  The country stirred and ‘sort of’ woke up.  We liked ‘political incorrectness’ and ‘free stuff.’  Who among us couldn’t find something we felt in one of their speeches.  They were talking our language.  We were ready to listen.  Oh, and Hillary too.  She converged demographic segments into one group and no one can say families don’t matter.


Then, not long into the campaign, Trump deified his popularity and turned his platform into brag-fests and character assassinations.  Sanders continued shouting ‘free college’, ’health care for all’, ‘rigged primaries’ and ‘immigration for everyone.’  There was no plan to distribute the wealth from the top 1% to the people, just talk that the system was wrong.  There were non-specific hints that ‘business’ needed to do more, but the people had to figure out ‘what and how’ on their own.


That was the great excitement in this presidential election.  Bernie lost, forced Hillary to the ‘left’, and then endorsed her.  Trump took care of the opposing sixteen, becoming the last man standing, forgot about ‘the wall’ and businesses needed a lower tax.


Nothing changed.  It is another Party Election where the people can put an “X” beside either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  Gary Johnson and Jill Stein will remain immaterial to a viable conversation.  The objective reality is that the death rattle of the US Presidency has sounded.  We are sentenced to another four years of nothingness.  The elites will get richer and America will move further away from being a country in its own right.


It takes a strong stomach to watch political news.  Mired in negativity, both major party candidates, demonstrate in rallies, ads and interviews how unqualified the other is.


No honor.  No integrity.  No dignity.  No vote!


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