Election 2016 Madness

It is so intense!  The Parties tear into the opponents; the Donald/Hillary mud-wading rants drizzle down upon the other.  TV and radio ads bellow negativity.  Poll stats show whatever you want to believe.  The mailbox is stuffed with glossy ‘don’t vote for them’ brochures.  Anonymous callers promote static robot questionaries or an invite to a rally or town-hall meeting.

Money buys influence buys power buys elections.  Elect the presidential candidate with the least muck on their boots?  Flip or hang on to the Senate or House?  You will get these.

The people, be damned!  We nibble around the edges of racism, influential religion, illegal immigration, US poverty, mass migration and greed-infested globalness.  The candidates bat around these discussions without clarity, taking one side or the other.  It’s unsure what either of them will do as both avoid talk outside special interests.  The people want substance.  When?  Will we pay to be Great Again? or do we just want to pay for free stuff?  How about the economy?

Change for US citizens is harder each cycle.  We have made inroads this election in that we’ve got two candidates a lot of people don’t want.  This is the new definition of success!

Wake up America!


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