Election 2016 – Focus Locally

You live in either a Blue or Red state?  Voting out incumbents will change the color, but little else.  The Washington club will lay down the rules of how the game is played.  New Congress or Senate members will learn to play or be excluded from party favor and dismissed to obsolescence within the ranks.

That’s Washington!

The color can also change in State elections without a ‘business as usual’ change.  The party has the power to set the agenda but Governors and representatives have wiggle room.  Reelect those who use it.  Vote out those whose popularity matters more than the general well-being of the voter.

Like any institution, local governments strike budgets.  I don’t know what they include because every ‘dream’ item is over and above the budgeted amount.  In this state, the sales-tax-bleeding was used in the last election for extras.  This time, bond initiatives will be funded through another property tax increase.  Bonds are not charged to everyone.

We are swimming in place.

Government runs the citizens around like a stray bean on a plate.  Their method is tried and true: divide and conquer!  We are meant to see their seemingly habitual incompetence.  It prevents us from focussing or defining what is most important.  As a fractured society, we are too distracted to act as a whole and successfully organize around the complexity of problems we face.

Be independent.  And most important, ‘do not buy ‘fear’ as reason for ‘trust.’

Start somewhere.  Vote out incumbents!


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