Awakening In America

How badly do we want our country back?  How far down this hierarchical ladder do we have to sink before we can’t climb out of the hole our passivity has created?  Why does the status quo mean that the status is for the 1% and the rest of us are the quotient.  Have we had enough yet?


Two political candidates are singing a song Americans have not heard for fifty years: passion for the people!  Thousands are attending Trump and Sanders rallies and more are listening to media sound bites!  These candidates have gone from being insignificant contenders to potential champions for the people.  Some media is reluctantly identifying that, through Sanders and Trump, the citizens are demanding their issues be recognized.  The same media relishes the criticisms of the Republican and Democrat parties against Trump and Sanders.  They want them out of the race!  Neither party wants change that is not put in power by big money and they will eat their own to accomplish this end.


Are we smarter yet?  The presidential race is getting personal and the parties are bringing out the tried and true restraints to cluster the people back into their demographics.  They always say something a ‘little bit true’ with the raised issues influencing a noisy populous that are meant to regurgitate it and restructure an election.


Can we focus on the problems that affect all the people in this country to negate the ridiculous party pickiness?  Trump and Sanders need to offer solutions to our economic, democratic and social existence so we know they are more than big mouths.  We bought ‘change’ before’ now we want to know what it means.


It won’t be dumb luck for Washington to be free of lawmakers who make laws against the people.  It will be our vote.


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