Advertisers On Steroids

It is not okay to have advertisers take over the internet.  Accepting that the forum is also for those who want to make money is different from greed for profit popping into user searches and running before a news video can be seen.  FLASH!! Not everyone is buying something or using a service.  It is intolerable to have this uninvited intrusion being the portal through which information flows.

Social media preyed on personal need for relevance.  One hook followed another until the ‘individual’ was trapped into a system of public knowledge controlled by technological giants.  Our information is sold to any bidder for fractions of any monetary value.  Search engines, ISPs and many visited sites interrupt our internet usage for their own benefit.  They know where we live, who we are, what we buy, our interests and where we are at any given moment.

Millions of higher-educated populations invite minimal communication standards into their lives, accepting the status quo that’s pushed on them.  Media hosts inflect how we are to feel with constant good/bad prophecy and ooze more enthusiasm for upcoming commercial intros than the program.  The content is uttered from teleprompter views that disable them from pronouncing a familiar word when it’s split by a hyphen.  I can almost give these machos and pretty faces a pass ‘cause they get a paycheck.

On the other hand, we do it for FREE and remain clueless that there is an actual cost called choice and privacy.  We have been transformed into controllable putty.  We ‘speak our minds’ using generic phrases and two-word sentences to describe our ‘experiences’ without emotional encoding.   We clamber aboard popular ideas that make the most noise with minimal understanding of the consequences of ‘going along.’

We have been flat-lined.  And, we’re still not angry enough to do more than mouth a few words in muttered undertones.  Pay attention to detail and up the ante.  If you need to register, don’t.  If you need to sign on, don’t.  If you need to watch an ad before you read an article, ‘x’ out the ad or the site.  If a browser monitors your online behavior or a search engine presorts and limits results, choose another.  Use all ‘do not track’ features available.  Turn off location and ‘find my phone’ options.  Shrink sites to content panels.  Advertisers already know who you are, so stop encouraging them to track you and your friends by ‘liking’ an object.

GREEDY advertisers are turning the internet into a JC Penny catalog  They intend to WIN, not coexist.


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