$75,000/yr Income Is Not Enough

I didn’t watch the State Of The Union 2014 ‘cause I expected more of the same insincere persuasion that both the people and the power brokers think alike.  Fewer residents than before conclude kitchen/boardroom tables are merely different levels of the same problem.  We have felt the conclusions of that folly.  I am angry our country can be debated into global irrelevance and its people subjugated to the demands of corporate power by the flourish of the executive pen.  The people seek a level of coexistence where the greed of the wealthy do not choke the life out of the majority.  It is a big deal!  It is called BALANCE!

The price of essential goods and taxes are killing us.

There are no neighborhood high-five get-togethers when Wall Street’s quarterly projections are met.  We grill chicken because we cannot afford the beef.  Redesigned products with less in the package do not escape our notice.  When 8oz becomes 6oz and the 6 oz quantity is the 8oz price, we feel cheated not fooled.  Resized tissues sheets don’t do the job and are more annoying to use when they’re priced higher than the old pop-up box.  The Charmin bears were much more charming than using the new toilet tissue size.  There is, however, some comfort in the fact the wealthy have to use the same product.  Industry got the inferior durable goods it paid for by hiring cheap labor to replace American workers.  The rather irksome truth is that actual laws were passed to enable business to write this price tag.  The consumer voice is very tiny.

Unstable public utilities prices are costed by appointed boards with designed increases managed by those same boards.  Territorial lines prohibit service competition within the area while all providers collude through lobbying efforts to push their industry costs onto the consumer.  Reasonable-sounding customer charges and fees were never justifiable.  These costs have tripled without affecting any service provided by the utility.  Needing their power, water and telephones, we grumbled inwardly because it didn’t feel right, but shut up and paid.  Since then, we have become further burdened to fix their broken equipment/facilities and have future, imagined operations formulated into our actual usage.

It wasn’t twenty-four hours after the State Of The Union address that the front page of our local daily blazoned the necessity of a 1% sales tax increase by a fairly well-off county for roads, bike trails and the ever-needy schools.  After twenty years of an extra 1% sales tax, voters turned down its continuance in 2010.  In 2012 property owners were whacked with a school tax increase of $100,000,000 over a four-year period.  Our ‘crumbling schools’ are again part of the new cry to raise taxes; this time for ten years.  No one says commissioners haven’t learned how to get what they want.  At a cost exceeding a half a million dollars for a ‘special election, the vote for the extra 1% is slated for May.  Most people do not think of voting in May?  But that’s the point!  A highly motivated 20% turnout gets things done.  We’d call this 1% increase a ‘Train Tax’ if it was legal.  Regardless where you live, Vote NO for this type of tax increase.

We are regulated and taxed by the feds, regulated and taxed by the state and pushed around by county and local governments because they get in your face about what affects you personally.  These agencies have minimal expenditure accountability and no moral soul.

Business has severely damaged the heart and hustle of this country with the government serving their will.  It is wise to pay attention to the 0% tax rate corporations are talking about.  The subject has become public without specific detail and that usually equates to a ‘done deal.’  I think Leona Helmsley phrased it well, ‘We don’t pay taxes.  Only the little people pay taxes.’


In November, vote out all incumbents.  $250,000/yr is the new middle class.


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