The Wall Street Vortex

Watching the weather reports on the recent Polar Vortex was like seeing Trickle Down Economics for the first time.  The bottom of the vortex pulled the polar air downward to create record low temperatures.

Scientifically, the stronger the cyclone, the greater the pull.  Consider Wall Street as the bottom of the vortex and equate world populations as the main mass circulating around common life ambitions.  When big-buck magnets such as Wall Street capitalists, suck the economic well-being out of society, world wealth streams down to them.

What began as a slow trickle thirty years ago has become an open spigot of wealth transference.  Society, through inattention, was lulled into believing the people’s interests were in unison with those of the business community being that each gave and received benefits from the other.  Only when cost overran income was attention paid to salaries.  Only when Wall Street and their ilk swept trillions of dollars out of circulation was our antagonism toward them stirred.

The price of political correctness is drowning the sixties and seventies generations.  They will be the last of the proud and pliable as their supportive societal feeding tube is disconnected.  The millennials are upset there is no work force for them to enter and they will not hesitate to sacrifice their parents’ benefits for more ‘me and I.’

Continued government policies draining wealth from the population along with free-wheeling industrial collusion that fixes prices of tangible and essential goods shows trickle down economics as a vortex of corruption.

The greatest dilemma will occur when the scale of economic stability is accepted as mass poverty with third-world living conditions for the majority.   A few will tread water in a systemic holding tank by hanging on to an uncontrollable probability.  No matter how hard you work or how much personal responsibility you take for your circumstances, corporate greed and cleverly-worded government laws will eventually usurp your safety measures and pension out your future on their terms.

Simple algebra theoretically balances both sides of an equation.  Cutting spending from one side while leveling it with corporate gifts on the other presents a lopsided solution to economic solvency.  It works on paper not on people.

The corporate thirst for profit is boundless.  Specialty number crunchers and lobbyists convene to maximize this end and use lawmakers to ensure its success.  Business is organized.  People must first Wake Up to the fact neither political party works for you.

Wall Street hasn’t learned about consequences for bad decisions.  They’ve taken no responsibility for creating the housing debacle or the unemployment crises from massive layoffs.  Instead, they banked on bailouts, public fear of economic collapse and our inability to organize around a single objective.

Here are some different options:

  • So unemployment benefits can be extended, charge a LAY-OFF FEE to any corporation that purged workers for the sake of the bottom line.
  • Paying skilled workers below fair economic value will be offset by EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIPS for retraining workers for jobs in the 21st century.
  • Just like a stock holder, Public Investment will be paid scheduled DIVIDENDS into public programs.
  • Each tax-break dollar will be gratified with time-relevant CORPORATE COMMUNITY SERVICE.

Corporate America can no longer think they can operate in a free enterprise system and bear none of the responsibility for society’s well-being.  Without the people, they are nothing.  Without business, the people are nothing.  Our economy needs rebalancing.  If big business, Wall Street and the Banking Industry does not self-correct, the people will have to dam up the vortex flow.

OPERATION PUSH BACK needs voters input to work.  Contact any congress member or senator who has declared they value the people they represent more that the money that put them in office.



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