Equity and Opportunity Promotion

Senator Elizabeth Warren is taking aim at one of the culprits of income inequality:  BANKS that have a monopoly over credit creation and distribution of wealth to the top echelons and subsequently, the shortfall going to salaries and wages.

Banks and corporations, spread their contributions between the two political parties and $billions flow through Super PACs connected to big money.  Senator Warren is right:  An entire generation has been subjected to the bureaucratic policies to entitle the wealthy to ‘more’ while they are run over.  Too Big To Fail results in financial corruption in a capitalist system that works for the 1%.  Those on the bottom (the infamous 99%) stay unconnected to opportunity and are denied access to any version of economic growth.

An examination of US monetary policy by the Brady Commission will investigate the FED which will likely regurgitate more tired and useless statistics for economists to obsessively data mine.  How money got to the top and stays there is because the system is set up to make it happen.  Banks, corporations and their governments dictate our quality of life.

We are stuck in a bad place.  Unemployment extensions, minimum wage hikes, pre-school, etc. are temporary adjustments and too small to matter.  Deregulation and one-way tax cuts promote deceptive fallacies.  The wealthy will not let go of the money!!

I don’t mean to be fatalistic but the economy for the majority must stop its decline.  The entire monetary system and government economic policy must seek a new direction if global poverty is to be avoided.  Employment paid at wages tied to economic growth is an equitable strategy.

Please!  No more soundbites or busy distractions.  Our representatives can make this the KEYNOTE force of their political careers.  It will take GUTS to peel away the layers of madness of multi-tiered corporate glut that has produced the problem.

Our job is to rid Washington of the deaf.  VOTE OUT ALL incumbents.  Realistically, this won’t happen but when contests are too close to call, some politicians might look over their should at the VOTER rather than the Super PAC.


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