USA – One Country/Two Worlds

News reports, both TV and print, indicate a great American divide.  International news informs in a similar fashion so it’s not just the USA.  Most of my news is USA driven, but the global pulse cannot be ignored that problems here, are shared and of equal importance to residents in other countries.  It’s not easy to sort through the political spam contained in public op-ed opinions, article comments, citizen statements and sound-off segments to arrive at the heart of what real people think, but it can be done.  My point of view is Americanized because that is what I feel most.  Readers from other countries can slot in their own location to apply the similarity.

Washington, State, local politicians and Corporate America are a world exclusive to themselves.  They are a secret society matching their actions to the world stage of other like-minded bureaucracies.  They speak among themselves of worldly matters in a language we are never meant to hear.  The population is the out-crowd and decisions made in these ‘closed-to-the-public’ meetings are filtered down in saleable terms.  This hierarchy withholds fact and purpose and hides the delusion of openness behind distracting posturing.  The media gobbles up the glossy messages and batters the public with unimportant stalemates.  Truth is not popular.

The glut of greed is inexhaustible.  Our country is sold on the global market with foreign buyers sealing multi-billion-dollar deals that net them a voice at the political table.  The concept of legal voting is arcane when influence is all that is needed to buy laws to continue their upward mobility.  Ownership is their key to the world.

Just as the endless supply of USA Network reruns of NCIS, the public rut digs in around a daily feeding of violence, threats of terrorism and the evils of sugar.  We are unyielding at small-minded criticism of others not like us.  We are afraid to question why our money does not filter down from the Wall Street recovery or contemplate how big corporate mergers that destroy competition affect our livelihood.  Are we a lazy public?  Or maybe we just want to be safe at any cost!  An aware pubic is more difficult to manipulate.  We cannot hide behind our Constitution nor take comfort in its protective language.  It is under interpretive attack with the mighty pen of the Supreme Court inking bureaucratic change to our lives.  If the founding father aren’t turning over in their graves, wake them up too.

A few politicians, like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, shout popular phrases like ‘income inequality,’ and ‘Social Security.’  Saying it does not redirect dollars to workers or keep those with limited-income away from poverty.  It will take years of untangling the mess of laws that stack the deck in favor of the wealthy.  In the meantime, do something earth shattering like introducing a bill for ‘Term Limits’ or ‘Campaign Financing Limits.’  Strike a note for ‘clear and concise’ language where no amendments can muddy the outcome.  Maybe put tax-exempt non-profits on notice that 50% of their collections go toward public programs.  That will pop some eyes on Capitol Hill and reinforce the vault locks of world banks.  Be sure something will result from your bold move.

Prepare to change your voting habits dear fellow citizens.  Shake up the power.  No ‘seat’ should be guaranteed.

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