‘Too Big to Fail’ Trumps ‘Too Small to Matter’

At first, only banks were considered ‘Too Big To Fail.’  To avert a 1929-style crash, dollars poured into the industry to stabilize the economy.  Billions in debt from down the road made it possible for banks to restructure ledgers of questionable monopoly mortgages and other dubious financial strategies.

For their business acumen, Wall Street executives rewarded themselves with bonuses after the crash.  Paper mortgages turned into foreclosure notices.  For any conceivable eventuality, lobbyists wrote loopholes into tax codes that could define profits as untaxable.  Corporations accelerated the too big to fail model and devoured everything smaller than themselves.  They have become a non-competitive consortium selling possibilities without choice.

We’ve been numbed into accepting that ‘Wall Street’ and ‘Government’ financial policies are designed for economic recovery for all.  The population ate their stock market losses and lost their jobs in an efficiency purge.  Social programs became entitlements and were axed from federal and state budgets.  We have been battered into compliance with price hikes, taxes and fees for every segment of daily living with no champion for our cause.  The pain is destroying the people, with our stability a day-to-day balancing act.

The recovery plan was written for the wealthy to succeed.  They are the ruling class.  They impose their will by using government actions to overrun our individual lives.  They have amassed an army of authority to keep us in line.

Call it the liberal press if you need a reason to refute the message, but news is filtering out that ‘too big to fail’ has become too powerful to govern.  The new media awakening makes our local publication’s decision to give front page coverage to Sea World’s plan to raise prices to lure a better class of visitor to their theme park unseemly.  While the Pope outs the great evils to society of unregulated capitalism and the ‘idolatry of money,’ Rush Limbaugh defames the importance of the meaning with name calling.

Concentrated wealth is a global danger.  What does a capitalist society do with people they’ve made redundant?  We will be written off as too small to matter.

Read and investigate.

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