Voters Can Rid Washington of Corporate Hacks

We are in a state of ennui, suckered by the sequester, the shutdown and Washington nitpickers.  There are a few ripples of unrest in specific interest groups but their scope is too narrow to energize the mass majority for a common cause.  For the most part, like Tony Hayward, the former BP Chairman, we want our lives back; play with our children, gather with friends, see a movie or any routine activity that doesn’t involve worry or fear.

Lying is a big deal.  The difference between a child with crumbs on his face and a cookie in each hand saying he only took one and a politician with corporate money stuffed in his pockets saying he works on behalf of the electorate, is the number of people affected by the deceit.

Voters taking responsibility for their gullibility can change the Washington brand.  Trust belongs in another time of history.  Agree after you’ve done your own due diligence.  Sending a representative to Washington is a contract.  Know what you’re getting before you sign.  Change the pattern.

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