Take Your Ball And Go Home

Delay?  Defund?  Eliminate?  Choose the word that’s right for you.  This Obamacare scab will be picked at until the private health care insurance industry is 100% user and tax-payer funded.  The job creators do not want to participate.

Americans have been harassed for three years with superficial guilt-induced pro and con inaccuracies on the subject.  There’s no history lesson today.

More happened during the first ninety-minute conference among the fabulous five than each side stubbornly clinging to their health-care position.  The issues are to ELIMINATE the employer-contribution part of the Affordable Care Act and REDUCE the budget from $1.058T to $988B.

The proposed budget already further burdens the middle class and incentivizes business.  How much more can be re-taxed by changing the name of it?  Does selling off funded programs to corporate control actually reduce the budget or simply change masters?  Does the SHUTDOWN continue until privatizing Medicare becomes the topic?

Foolish phrases like ‘big-boy pants,’ ‘behaving like spoiled children’ and ‘adults in the room’ ridicule the intelligence of the American people.  Stop this farce!  We know that profit makes the world go ‘round but workers who turn the wheels are as disposable as pencil stubs.  We know that cleverly-worded policies continue to pass unnoticed through the Senate and House to aid the wealthy and insure greater economic divide.  We know the Tea Party members of Congress mug for cameras and happily parade around Washington as the visible force for all that is corporate.

Only the government is shut down.  The Sequester cannot become permanent.  ‘We The People’ cannot SHUTDOWN or SHUTUP.

Get ready for the debt ceiling fiasco.

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