Conference Or Arm Wrestle But Fix This Mess!!!

‘We The People’ will not accept this Washington idiocy.  Do your job.

Government by Party cripples the economic recovery for the population.  With the multitude of business gimmes and an embarrassing amount of safety-net reductions, Congress should have fallen all over itself to accept THE BUDGET NOBODY TALKS ABOUT.  The Affordable Care Act already had a five-year heads-up enabling the insurance industry to jack up the price of health insurance and providers to collude procedural fee structures of actual health care.

The President’s budget could have been written by Paul Ryan with Sequester reductions silently becoming permanent without the GOP gouging for more.  Pointless posturing is like watching a paper clip parade.  The people know the bottom line is ‘We Pay!’  We get that!  Move On!

Fix the budget INCOME problem.  Put Corporate America into the credit column.  They have become too heavy to support.

Fix the UNEMPLOYMENT problem.  Start by matching reported jobless figures to the number actually unemployed.  Spending tax dollars to reward business for hiring people they would have hired anyway is either stupidity or bribery.

Fix the INCOME EQUALITY problem.  That’s a no-brainer.  Find out where the money is and move it to the other side!!!  Structure it around the point an annual health insurance premium of about $15,000 is equal to the annual mortgage/rent paid by most Americans.  See that a human toll results when lawmakers are out-of-touch with the people.

Call off the NSA.  This is a democracy and Americans don’t want to be tracked.

I am so disgusted with what business and its government has done to this country.

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