Ladders Of Opportunity Are Paid By The Middle Class

Rich people write this stuff.  Their policies ensure tax-payer dollars fall into their pockets.  The President says, ‘There’s more work to do.’

A great society is rooted in humanitarian largesse.  Decimate that core and a nation mired in poverty emerges.  American citizens have bought political rhetoric enhancing business models since Nixon’s presidency.  We gobbled up deregulation and trickle-down economics through Reagan and Bush Sr. to make corporate-run enterprises operate at maximum efficiency.  Skeptics questioned Bill Clinton’s global trade agreements and, after the fact, were proved right when the business community gained control of the workplace.  George W Bush & Co. grew the great economic divide by ensuring business profits found safe havens and Obama has guaranteed it into perpetuity with an endless supply of stimulus.

The Ladder Of Opportunity is to be the great equalizer.  Say What!!  The media, primed to report more political nothingness shows the ‘leader of the free world’ bouncing up the steps to cheering supporters with relayed sound bites of cleverly strung-together hypotheses.  Yadda!  Yadda!  (Thank you ‘Seinfeld’ for popularizing this phrase.)  At any rate, the American public is to embrace these words like the pathetic individuals our leaders believe we are.  This ladder is structured with enough corporate rope to hang us with.  I read the White House paper and it made me angry and afraid for the future of the USA.  Details are at

The public is not looking for a government handout or a corporate rescue.  We’d rather buy our ladder from the corporate store and use it how we want.  Therein lies the problem.  We don’t have the money to buy the ladder because bosses pay the multitude basement salaries and the compulsories eat up the paycheck before personal choice items make the shopping list.

The ladder of opportunity is paid with taxpayer dollars to corporate America and by taxing special consumers (that’s us!).  Feed the rich!  Starve the poor!  STOP THESE INSANE STRATEGIES!  Do not reelect these egotistical hot shots.  Clean house!

The republican-led house upped the ante to cut $39B to the Food Stamp Program over a ten-year period.  The democrats are on board, but not for that amount!!  Many people using this program are the collateral damage of the 2008 financial crisis with many more incapable of providing for themselves.  If supporters of this kind of thinking can’t be humanitarian, at least be shamed into acting like an American.

Where are all the Tweeters and Facebook likers?  You’re the ones working more than one job; raising young families; choosing need over desire; and repaying college debt.  You’re the ones unable to qualify for home ownership, struggle with daycare costs and use coupon specials at the grocery store.  Be bothered!  Be heard by sending these bad policies viral?  Take the power you have and use it!  Educate the masses by showing how politicians fear big money but have no respect for the people they represent.  Let them know ignoring the people will get them firedChange the game!  Ask why incentives are paid to low-wage employers instead of taxing profit until they pay living wages.  Ask why business taxes are lowered while they continue to cut employees.  Make the solution simple:  Hire or be taxed!  What would happen if business invested in the recovery instead of sucking the people dry?

The people will have to fix these problems because our government does not have a clue what the problem is.

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