Controlled By The Ruling Class

Much has been written about feudalism, nobility, military force, slave-ownership, gender power and religion as they relate to controlling populations.  Liege Lord might be obsolete but ‘Yes Sir, no Sir, three bags full, Sir’ is still our behavior.

Through corporate machinations, the new hierarchy breeds cooperative and centralized global power benefiting their interests.  Investment strategies concentrate the distribution of assets that guarantee an economic flow to the top 1%.  Highly-educated and intelligent, this percentage uses their organizational authority to protect the class.  Their wealth and influence manage the boundaries of our existence.  Government is the glue that makes it stick.

Genius is not conditional to draw parallels between the old systems and today’s elitist ruling class.  Through our cooperative divisiveness we have become the ruled.  We are a disorganized majority floundering in the distracting garbage thrown at us by the elites.  We are a worker nation depleted of personal rights and a voice to oppose the system.

Naively, we continue to hold the Constitution to be a document guaranteeing our rights as a free nation to rule ourselves.  Phrases such as ‘of the people, by the people and for the people’ is unrecognizable by political example.  We elect from a pre-chosen pool of candidates selected by the 1%.  Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, Libertarian are organizational names to perpetrate the myth they are different.  Each has a ‘pet project’ to which voters can ascribe so we feel included in the process.  Bipartisan and ‘across the aisle’ does not exist when each party has been hired to advance goals set by the elitists.  Political theater plays out on radio, television, press and social media like a re-run of a bad reality show.  We know who wins.

‘Occupy’ succeeded because it made us aware of inequality.  The New York food workers’ strike provides a flurry of resistance to income inequality.  North Carolina’s Moral Monday movement shows how super majority governments undermine the interests of the people for the benefit of the powerful.  When the people speak up, the mighty are poised to strike them down.

Millions of dollars are commonly understood.  Most of us don’t have any.  Billions need a little more work, but we get the picture and we surely don’t have them.  The 1% sits on trillions estimated to be 98% of the global wealth.  They have set their eye on the remaining 2% held by the 99% as their ‘right’ to possess.

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