Syria, Sequester, Security

The first line of defense cuts is, of course, employee furloughs.  Other intended cuts are non-specific.

Iran, Al-Qaeda & Africa, North Korea, Syria and now, Egypt again must drive the neo-cons crazy.  The Administration, Senate and House are loathe to chop progression of the war machine.  When ‘security’ prefaces each country’s status, funding appears to be automatic.  Since ‘troops on the ground’ is presently unpopular among the people, the fight is heard to be about ‘style’ of weapon and ‘how many.’  Interestingly, none want to be on the wrong side of ‘whom.’

Where are our country leaders taking us, America?  Distant altercations strike sour notes when Americans sacrifice to pay for them.  Farm bills guaranteeing income is a tough pill to swallow against cuts to the Food Stamp program.  In a civilized country, people have to matter.

The media tells us we don’t pay attention.  Talk about more than Washington insider malcontent.  Supply facts rather than repeat gossip.  The people cannot eat ‘fear.’

Make Benghazi a footnote.  The importance has been lost in attack politics.

Bring our troops home to help rebuild the country they’ve fought for.  Fund America.

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