Global Warming

The ozone warning isn’t new.  Sticks and gooey underarm liquid replaced ‘dries on contact’ spray deodorant.  Hair products crusted your style into clumps where the ‘pumped’ product landed:  that was a total relearning experience, but eventually mastered.  Today’s metered asthma inhalers coat the mouth before reaching the intended target.

The public changed personal habits for environmental good.

During the carbon footprint phase secondary emissions were brought to heal with fuel efficiency, recycling, monitored electric usage and alternative energy discussions.

For the sake of future generations, the public paid for environmental change and industry was deregulated.

I find ‘Global Warming’ an irksome phrase because the public tendency is to measure the impact by the outside temperature and industry evaluates their emissions against the bottom line.  The people have responded positively and industry has dug in against the science of the concept.

And now Miami is about to fall into the Atlantic.  At least, that’s the forecasted outcome of Global Warming.  The President’s round-two environmental campaign is a watered-down version of energy independence and green alternatives.  The first speech implied industry accountability through regulatory change and enough legislative rope to allow the affected corporations to deliver the promised ‘pain’ to consumers in advance of change.  Cap and Trade died.  Industry kept the collected money.

The new hype, like the old stirs the pot and changes nothing.  Pollution is real regardless of the current catch-all name assigned.  Until industrial polluters are held accountable for the fallout of their processes, legislation like the ‘Clean Air Act’ will exist only on paper.

Taking responsibility includes reduction of the bottom line.

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