Complexities Of The Tax System

No one wants to pay taxes and certainly not more than they have to.  Rather than throw the baby out with the bath water with IRS extinction, cut the cord to the whiny nonprofits seeking tax-exempt status.  These are two different topics.

Cruz’s ‘Abolish the tax petition’ sounds like buying an appetizer before consuming the indigestible meal of ‘Flat Tax.’  The gotcha will be unknown until you fold the napkin.

Flat tax is whereby everyone pays the same tax rate regardless of income; that is only on earned income.  Tax shields are already tactically positioned in the law to eliminate taxes on dividends, interest on savings, capital gains that result from investment or increases in asset value.  Deductions like tax credits and most exemptions vanish.

Remember the 47% who earn too little to qualify to pay income taxes.  These people will be gobbled up in the sweep and it will be called ‘fairness.’

Under a flat tax system the poor will indeed support the rich.

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