Beach Driving At Daytona

Driving and parking your car on this particular beach used to be free.  The white sands stretching from Ponce Inlet to Ormond-By-The-Sea created nineteen miles of ocean front enjoyment for the public.  Then in 1996 … a $5 toll was charged, ‘cause that’s a lot of maintenance and no one should expect the locals to pick up the tab.  Factually, this means property owners pay to maintain local attractions then pay to visit venues in other locations.  Doubling down isn’t a new concept, but popular among taxing agencies.

A Daytona County Commissioner is proposing a toll increase to $30/day for non-residents with a convoluted coupon kick-back of $10 to spend elsewhere on the beach.  The conversation became more awkward when out-of-towners expected to pay the $30/day charge were referred to as “riff-raff.”

Get with the program Volusia county!  Turn a day at the beach into a true Disney-esque experience.  Overcharge everyone!

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