Surprise!!! You’re Being Watched

Attention Rock Dwellers!!  What do you think has been going on?  The government openly told you – remember ‘The Patriot Act?’  The advertisers told you – remember the browser opt-outs from intrusive ads blipping your personal information to their mother ship?   Your ISP told you – well maybe they didn’t say it overtly but monitoring and storing data and emails from your computer is made available to whoever wants it.  The internet told you – remember the Blackout over ‘Sopa and Pipa’ and the subsequent blocking of websites?

TSA imaging and pat-down molestation is called airport security.  Authorities have guidelines enabling them to stop and intimidate anyone into submission.  Apps are downloaded like candy so the user arrives at a predetermined destination.  Face it, whether you ‘like’ it or not, your opinion is not what’s sought.  Phones comes with constant 50-page update agreements that are not read and grant permission to keep track of you.  Handy GPS devices monitor both ways.  Red light, street, business and residential cameras compromise the freedom to walk or drive in America.  Everything trails back to the person like a giant octopus sucking up its surroundings.

The Prism people are in deep denial over what they knew, when they knew it and even ‘if’ they knew it.  The public is acting shocked. Stop this histrionic game playing.

Where there is honor, dignity and integrity there is truth.  Be sickened by how many would rather ‘be safe’ or ‘pay more’ than question the intrusive policies into freedom.  Be repulsed by government parties whose policies are designed to indoctrinate citizens into nothing more than substandard Americans.


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