Raising Kids In Poverty

Only those dumber than a red brick think throwing money at this repetitive process will secure a child’s success.  There are early consequences for children born into poverty.  They didn’t ask for the job but bear the fallout of adult desire, poor planning and limited parental initiative.  Raising a child is not plunking down a plate of SpaghettiOs at mealtime or letting them fall asleep in front of the TV instead of tucking them in.  This is biding your time until someone else picks up your slack.

Raising kids is hard!!  Like it or not, bringing a child into the world is your responsibility.  While you get your act together, there are all kinds of public support, but after that, it’s the person in the mirror who holds the cards.  What you see and are honest enough to admit is what your child gets.  The value placed on their future is through your personal interaction and commitment to them.  Be ready for that.

It is your job to structure an environment that fosters success.  It is your job to prepare them for school by teaching basic life skills and reinforcing acceptable social behavior.  It is your job to be involved in their education.  It is your job to monitor their progress.

A child’s Head Start Program begins with parents.

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