Sequester For The Have-Nots

Initially, I thought the sequester, with all its dark prophecies, would never happen:  Too risky, too onerous and too politically explosive.  But, pass it did.

No one in Washington seemed that concerned save a little grumbling about closing the White House tours.  Funding for foreign service security only garnered attention after the Benghazi debacle, yet ‘tours’ were important to politicians.  North Korea exacted verbal muscle but the Defense Department stayed on the chopping block.  Then the FAA bailout with bi-partisan 361-41 support became the first selective dispensation.  The White House continues to have ‘no idea’ but remains open to ‘fix’ additional problems the sequestration creates.

As simply as Washington redirected Transportation dollars back into FAA budgets, taxpayer-funded education dollars can be redirected back into Head Start and other programs that assist the poor.  Just where did the public money go?

No government in the history of America has ever sacrificed the people for the sake of an elitist agenda.  Politicians can end this manipulative fraud against the people by applying NO MORE TAXES to both ends of the spectrum.

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