Closing The Income Gap

The rich can relax ‘cause this isn’t a case for raising your taxes.  The Republicans, Tea Party and Democrats are united by fear that one more $ from you will sink the economy.

I’m not an economist nor do I have influence in the Fed or banking community.  I’m in that 93% spectrum, somewhere in the middle and for the last twenty years, in steady decline.

Reworking the overused ‘No More Taxes’ my soapbox stance is STOP taxing the middle class.  End the Tea Party ‘save the businesses’ taxation.  And most importantly, cease the altruistic ‘save the children’ type of taxation.  My heartstrings are worn out.

It is not the public’s responsibility to do a parent’s job or raise their children.  Parents need to get serious about doing their job.  In addition to the education arena, parents are failing children in life.  Fix lack of parenting and kids will arrive at school ‘ready to learn’ and go to work ‘ready to earn.’  If you don’t know how to parent, find out!  It is you who are the guiding force behind your family’s value structure.  Be certain it teaches competitive life skills and establishes realistic expectations.  Even if you work three jobs, take five minutes to read a story, play a game, interact, laugh and listen … and discipline when the child steps out of line.  Set goals that inspire the child to choose success as an adult.

A single generation can eliminate the poverty excuse for failure.

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