Taking Personal Responsibility

Except for a remarkably small number of people who are unable to manage their lives financially or socially, taking personal responsibility literally means a lifetime of paying for everything yourself.  Because the majority is inclined to do just that, I question the need for continual harassment by political forces to brow-beat us like we’re irresponsible children and monitor our spending habits with guilt and punitive taxation.  In American, people are FREE to use their money as they wish.  No authority is empowered to tell the people HOW to divvy up the leftovers of their paychecks.

Families rearrange the budget to stretch wages over an ever-narrowing income/expense gap with less back-pocket money available every year.  They’re still dug in, but have noticed that the short haul has become a permanent struggle.

Speaking of taking personal responsibility, what about corporations?  The Supreme Court made them ‘people’ too.  Yet, they and their elitist counterparts are the first to feed at the public trough through tax loopholes, incentives and public investment for private use.

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