Party Loyalty

Party specialists jostle jargon into miniature meaningless morsels the lemmings can identify with.  The faster they talk, the more intense the scramble to hang on to the familiar.  Loading the base with distracting duress, the party guarantees unquestioning followers.

Grouping conservatives around the basic principle of ‘everyone pay their own way,’ and categorizing liberals as ‘gimme everything for nothing,’ gets the fight going.  In truth, both the cautious and free-thinking want one harmonious America.

Take a good look at America today.  It is hardly the deal offered in the Constitution.  The two-party system of American politics has failed the Republic.  American is starved for direction and leadership that values ‘country’ above plutocracy.

The large party sub-divide can end when ‘I, me and my’ becomes less important to an individual than how to preserve democracy and regain our free society.

Tell Washington and State governments to change the CD.

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