Let’s Go To School – Public Education

The goal of public education was to have a literate population.  It took a few hundred years to incorporate injustices into equality of education with such gains also benefiting our society as a whole.  Public education is available to ALL.  Families opting out do so for reasons of their own and pay for private and religious schooling themselves.

Not all kids learn at the same rate!!  I could memorize vocabulary and until second grade, it appeared that I could read.  I always aced the spelling test until one fateful Friday.  I remember the spelling word; ‘mother’ which was a no-brainer; then onto the bonus word ‘other.’  I didn’t have a clue even with my teacher’s hint that it was one less letter than ‘mother;’ I made a decision and dropped the ‘r’ and wound up with ‘mothe’ and a big ‘X’ on my paper.  Long story short, my teacher took the initiative and went ‘off book’ to teach me a different way.

Not all kids learn at the same rate!!  Politicians and education specialist trying to make it seem like they can, address entirely different topics.  Under this hypothesis, however, the system crumbles under the weight of blame.  Compassionate-sounding phrases such as ‘No Child Left Behind,’ Race To The Top,’ ‘Students First,’ and ‘Parent Triggers’ focus attention toward private solutions considering that ‘all children are created equal.’

Not all kids learn at the same rate!!  This is an unchangeable fact.  The inequities created by poverty, lack of opportunity, homelessness and single-parent households might be irrelevant inconveniences on Michelle Ghee’s fault list but her solution to eliminate unions, teacher tenure and equate student test performance with teacher competence is the recipe for cooking up a private sector of educators.

We’ve been pumping public dollars into Charter school inventiveness under the pretext of ‘parental choice’ since the 1990s.  I do believe a line exists between charter schools with unrestricted public access and others that skim the cream from the top.  There is more of the latter than the former as Charters can choose students fitting their ‘vision’ before considering mainstream children.

Standardized testing, as a national grading measure for a school’s performance, assumes all locations and the test subjects in all locations are equal to each other.  Under this premise, ‘D and F’ schools fail the children without facing the fact that communal deficits are a main contributor.

Using the public checkbook to throw money at private business fails to involve those most affected by the problem.  Washington, States and School Boards have ‘already decided’ before the discussion enters the public forum.  By the time ‘Parent Trigger’ is law all the options will be on the table.  American children cannot be written off in favor of selective education.  Parents want a say in the process.  Tax payers want public education for ALL without defunding the process or having their dollars redirected toward Charters and other for-profit businesses that can open their doors by hanging an .edu at the end of their url.

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