I Don’t Speak ‘Trillion’

Balancing the budget is an asinine discussion.  There is not enough money at the bottom to get the job done.  It will not matter if you chain-cpi social security, privatize Medicare, cut the poor off Medicaid, get rid of education, commerce or whatever other government departments are under threat of elimination, the budget will never be balanced until the cost of doing business gets back in line with the amount of available $ to pay for it.

The programs that benefit the people have had their core removed.  Tobacco is already taxed obsessively.  Filling the car with pricey gasoline has priority over feeding families.  Survival necessities like utilities have grown in cost by increasing customer charges and public fees.  Everything for the public is surcharged at the user end.

And now Washington wants to double down on cuts by taking more from the people while using the same rationale and yapping about a balanced budget in twenty years.  These are fancy numbers stored in some computer and regurgitated for argument’s sake.  A country in poverty will balance nothing.

We had four years of George W Bush policies that accelerated the economic divide.  Now we’re in the fifth year of Barack Obama doing exactly the same thing.  How are these two Presidents different?  Both think in the $trillion club, content to let Wall Street be the only measure of the economy.  Try something different, like, challenging draining costs that are bankrupting the system.  Think people before corporation.  Reform means to ‘repair’ not desecrate.

The financial figures I went over today covered the $trillions.  I looked at my budget and saw dollars and cents.  America lives in the $1.03 place.  Earning less and paying more for less has become the American way.  This was not the goal baby boomers aspired to.  We already contributed to our grandparents and parents retirement using 7% of our salaries.  Instead of it being ‘our turn’ there is great fear that we will live too long and collect more than we have paid into the pot.  Young workers are about to be sold a ‘new retirement’ investment plan.  I can foresee their 6.2% going directly to Wall Street.  I can also see an end to employer contributions, thus ending, once and for all, the idiotic notion that business owes the worker anything.

The proposed ‘grand bargain’ is a great monetary hoax.  Obama is wrong about the ‘smoke and mirrors.’  America clearly looks mean and stingy.

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