The New Normal

I surely wouldn’t take responsibility for coining the newest ‘catch-all’ phrase to describe the demise of the United States Of America.  We’re supposed to shrug and accept what the wealthy dictate our lives are to be.  They own everything we depend on and with nervy accuracy turn every surety into vulnerability.

For years voters were sold on the idea that a corporate executive could run the country more efficiently than an elected diplomat.  The public were charmed with popular rhetoric until the moneyed people were in place to govern from the outside.  The plan has reached fruition and the new normal is upon us.

The rich bullied their way out of the fiscal cliff, got the budget kicked down the road, juiced the media to yap about gun and gay rights, political positioning, Benghazi, the Chuck Hagel confirmation and turned voter suppression into a minority calamity.  The public was effectively numbed by inane topics while the Sequester deadline approached.  The ducks lined up.

‘Call your Congressman!’ and say you want a ‘balanced’ approach.  Save your breath!  No matter how verbally poetic the president’s speeches are, his cuts have always included education and social programs, except he uses words like ‘reform,’ ‘painful’ and ‘shared sacrifice.’

The Sequester is no more than an automated tool drilling toward the austerity destination.  The people were always going to be sacrificed, but I actually believed there would be a last minute salvation for defense cuts.  Millions of dollars are now going toward the Syrian rebel cause, so I guess they squeaked that one in under the wire.  Who says Washington doesn’t work!!

The budget is next.  It is unlikely ‘balance’ will be flying from any politician’s mouth without Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Food Stamps used as the means toward gaining that end.  The Sequester LAW was still unsigned before the second rumble of ‘Chained CPI’ began making the media circus/circuit.  If inflation can be characterized as user controlled, then it stands to reason that the dissolution of the middle class can be classified as self-imposed failure to adjust to the new normal.

We got the plutocratic government gerrymandering orchestrated.  Mitt Romney told us outright the way it was going to be.  We knew the Ryan budget was unworkable, so bought President Obama’s cleverly worded promises that we’d grow from the middle out.  Privatizing government and Wall Street success cannot be achieved without the knowledge that the 1% money engineers the process.  As long as both political parties are tied to this reasoning, COST control will be not be factored into financial solvency and the budget will remain unbalanced.

We will get the full measure of the untenable Ryan budget during the next round of political posturing, but a few meaty ‘cans’ will be shelf-ready for the next plutocratic onslaught on the people.

On the upside, the plutocrats will have to start eating their own when the people have nothing left to give.

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