Extreme Language – The Grand Bargain!

The statement infers there is hope for a balanced budget.

Hope for the people goes beyond dollars and cents.  It is having breathing space away from stifling monetary policies; it is seeing Washington enact progressive laws that value our standard of living; it is being hailed as societal contributors; it is feeling the same economic recovery Wall Street does; it is where profit and greed do not mean the same thing; it is hearing a grand plan that means what it says.

So far this year, the government has put us through the fiscal cliff deal making the Bush tax cuts permanent for 98% of the people; choked on the debt ceiling debate and enacted the sequester law.  The November message was a clear mandate to bring government back to ‘for the people.’

Americans want fair policies not golden parachutes.  Untie our hands and we will create an economy that works for everyone.  Produce jobs from anywhere!!  Pay salaries comparable to 2013 costs.  Do it because it’s the right thing to do.

The fancy talk, across-the-aisle dinners and blustery posturing are inane gestures that play well in the media.  The people no longer pay attention and interpret them as ‘more of the same.’  Rally us with actions that scream above the din of the puppeteers.

Any grand bargain will contain an employment bill, health care cost negotiations with providers, elimination of corporate welfare and protection of public funds against diversion for private profit.  Lead with courage and dignity.

Go ahead!  Get the grand bargain before the debt ceiling brawl reconvenes on March 27.

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