Extreme Language – Socialism!

In fact, we are a socialist society with a democratic government.  We are not a communist country nor headed by a totalitarian, authoritarian, Marxist or fascist figure.

Why do we tolerate the combining and interchanging of these words by our corporate-owned politicians to be equal to Hitler-like socialism?  When do we finally ‘look that up in your Funk & Wagnalls?’  If you’re too young to remember the ‘Laugh-In’ phrase, it means to get informed.

The scare tactics work to undermine our society.  The population becomes aggressive, selfish and intolerant.  The humanitarian pride that made America a great country is lost.

It is essential to maintain our culture.  Funds providing social programs that benefit our nation cannot be siphoned off by the service providers nor can their profit be to the detriment of our quality of life.

While Plutocracy is a more progressive explanation for our economic stagnation, another interesting word is ‘kleptocracy.’  Both involve misusing public funds for private gain.

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