Extreme Language – Personal Responsibility!

When it came to the forefront, the phrase was a convenient place to stockpile culpability.  From an elitist perspective, personal responsibility means hammering any source dim-witted enough to get in their way.  This exclusive segment has the clout to muscle aside obstacles, lobby the government to cut themselves a better deal, write off mistakes, negotiate problems, and delegate mundane necessities to those who serve them.  The 47% think they’re doing fine when they’re not hassled by the ‘coupon police’ at the grocery story or they change lanes just in time to avoid being stuck behind the exhaust pipe of a city bus.

Other than both relying on the system, commonality does not exist between these two diverse societies.  Self-righteously justifying guile as accountability is no more responsible than cheating on food stamps.  Earned Tax Credits for the working poor cannot be equated to tax loopholes for millionaires.  The inability to comprehend that $50,000 for a plate of food is more than someone’s yearly salary is convenient ignorance.

This classless phrase bursting with arrogant negativity proved costly in November, but knocking the 47% is popular and has stuck around.  Politicos offer no retraction and the party loyalists will repeat the brand until the message is part of the American vernacular.  Through familiarity, the 47% will become synonymous with irresponsibility and voters will want this group of 150,000,000 shirkers to pay their share.

In political statements the danger is in what is not said.

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