Voters Grant A Second Term – Who Won?

I hear Brahms’ Lullaby playing in Washington.  During the campaigns, Black Sabbath’s ‘Evil Woman’ and ‘Paranoid’ got the voter’s blood running.  After the election, someone changed the CD to Justin Bieber and people started singing ‘Baby, Baby, Baby’ and a bunch of ohohohohs.

The comparisons might seem ludicrous, but after the fancy speeches an ‘Iron Man’ was not sent to the White House.  President Obama instantly reinstalled branded compromise.

Florida had not concluded the vote count before Social Security was attached to the fiscal cliff solution.  Twice more than what the voters wanted, ‘Middle-Out’ income was established at $450,000.00 per year, nearly half of the amount the GOP’s ‘Top-Down’ demands couldn’t even bring to the floor for a vote.  The Filibuster was washed away the same way by a pathetic Harry Reid and the Sequester was kicked down the road.  The Debt Ceiling got a temporary reprieve because the right-minded want it attached to a balanced budget and the Tea Party brewed another pot.

The GOP and ‘Moneytalks’ brokers have been appeased.  Wall Street climbs upward, Karl Rove reinvents the GOP as FOX News disenfranchises Sarah Palin and clobbers Wayne LaPierre’s NRA stance.  And, Paul Ryan reintroduces his ‘plan’ for economic recovery, personhood and abortion-restriction bills trickle through red states legislatures and more incentives are invented for the ‘job creators.’  And the elected President leads from atop the Popularity Poll with a waffle iron in hand.

Meaningless distractions for public consumption are today’s lullaby for the next thirty-year sleep.  Stay awake America!

Go to U-tube and listen to Jackson Browne’s ‘Lives In The Balance.’  Its relevance today is frightening.

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