US Airways & American Airlines Take Over Skies For $11B

The method should be old news by now.  Buyouts of carriers ‘too small to fight big money’ and a few debt-stripping Chapter 11s are the baby steps toward successful gigantic mergers.  Eliminating redundancy with restructured centralized command and capitalizing under one roof finish off the objectors.  Deregulation is culpable in allowing the industry to formulate this type of profit-driven monopoly.  Washington insiders read the script and respond to the moment.  The industry played the game well.

Consumers stuck in cramped, undersized seating, paying ridiculous baggage fees can expect fare prices to soar.

Collusion to fix prices used to be illegal.  It will take a hundred years to uncover the buried laws that have legalized this corruption.

Getting money out of politics is a good starting place.  Overturn the tax-exempt Citizen’s United and its marketing arms.  Reconfiguring campaign financing laws to eliminate the gazillion dollar TV saturation of negativity could also end the ‘primary’ fear for incumbent politicians.

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