Sequester – A Path to Greece

Middle class income at $50,000/year was a bit of a struggle but doable with careful planning.  Because those earning $250,000 didn’t ‘feel rich’, the Fiscal Cliff bump to $450,000 defined the ‘new middle class.’  These income earners are those able to qualify to buy a home, save for retirement, enjoy the benefits of corporate health care plans, purchase a vehicle that will not disintegrate in a wreck and afford the gas to made it run, purchase quality clothing not made in Bangladesh, have a vacation farther than 50 miles from home, frequent more than a plastic-menu dining establishment, enroll their children in dance or karate classes, support the nearest professional team, buy tickets to concerts, find comfort by their ability to pay the obscene charges made by utility companies, and shop for groceries without clipping coupons.

Starting salaries for teachers average around $40,000 and after twenty years on the job, a handsome $50,000 if you live in a state that values your profession.  With all other graduates doing only slightly better, all will never again have access to the middle class club.  If you’re not a professional or unemployed, the struggle of today is tame compared to what is coming.

If you believe Washington moves at a turtle’s pace, watch them move industriously to ram the restructured sequester through Congress.  Defense is still likely to take a modest hit but enactment will be prudently stalled.  Domestic programs under assault will be fully sacrificed and instantly mandated.  We will have gone ‘Greek’ and the Ryan budget will become law.

Now what?  Do you take a stupid poll and blame the GOP?  Do you flower praise on President Obama for working across the aisle?  How about threatening the teabaggers with a promise to oust them in 2014?  Have you calculated the increased tax burden at the State level?

Do you ever wonder what happens to all those delicious tax dollars you’re paying to the government?

The Plutocrats are slathering with anticipation of getting their hands on more of your money.  They are the providers of life.  They will make you pay and pay and pay and pay.

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