Private Business Eyes Post Office Cookie Jar

Smooth and slick, the mission to privatize the USPS continues.  I don’t know if there’s a collective brain in Washington so I’ll pass the credit to private industry lobbyists for orchestrating the congressional mandate in 2006 that is to pay forward retiree health benefits for seventy-five years.  The bi-partisans worked the math so it could be done within a ten-year period and clambered aboard the express.  If removing a few $1B each year from the ebb and flow of a revenue neutral American icon became awkward, the institution itself would take the hit under an ‘incompetence’ catch-all.

Rebranding the competition to their format, FedEx and UPS became ‘logistical’ giants.  Now, the irritating constitutionally-mandated USPS has risen to the top of the list.  To plutocrats only money is sacred and it’s time to shove Ben Franklin out of the way.

Stopping Saturday postal delivery will rattle a few cages, (you know the drill; the media will ‘feel for’ the poor, the elderly, rural residents, small business, etc.) but in the end postal workers will be laid off and postal product prices will rise.  The street talkers will fall in line for ‘shared’ sacrifice by blaming that danged internet and e-mails.  And, the first-class ‘Forever’ stamp will be rebranded by the new bosses.

There’s sort of a plutocratic panic when you think about it.  After the USPS is privatized, enough time must remain to cash out the pre-paid health package before the world economy unravels or its value is negated by hyper inflation.

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