Get Together For A Beer

Small to medium labels were already controlled by bigger interests in 2008 when the heavy hitters came to play some serious ball.  Belgian brewery, InBev, merged with Anheuser-Busch and SABMiller countered by consolidating with Molson Coors.  Over the last four years, MillerCoors acquired Fosters and AB InBev made a tricky deal with Mexican Grupo Modelo.  The two giants now control over 80% of the market share.

2013 finds the industry brewing with unrest.  Their thirst for profit can only be satisfied by streamlining operations through the ‘merger/acquisition’ tool only lawyers can construct and lobbyists can legalize through potent influence.

“Yikes!” says Washington.  An acquisition/merger of this type will drive up beer prices!!

Do you seriously believe it took ‘beer’ to wake up Washington or that they care if consumers pay more?  The reaction is all for show.  Washington will do everything to get out of its own way to make this sale happen.  Business powers the force.

It’s a global economy and this is how it works.  Plutocrats rule!

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