Religious Bullying – Now In Florida Schools

I speak neither for nor against any religion.  It is a freedom issue, you know, like the 1st Amendment to the Constitution says.  This obsessively-quoted document is handily used when it’s beneficial to a viewpoint and reinterpreted when it’s not.  The USA does not have a ‘Country’ religion, neither Christian or otherwise; it is a country where an individual can choose whatever belief system works for them.  Generally, I adhere to a live-and-let-live philosophy until the trampling gets into my space.

The illuminated 199 foot giant cross at First Baptist church on Good Homes Road is called a roadside attraction.  It dominates the landscape when you travel down the 408 toll road.  New billboards linking Christianity to Islam stress spiritual commonality. Religion is big business.  The fight is on for religious supremacy.  If traction is gained for the country to declare a ‘religion’ for its people, separation of church and state will be moot as they will become one and the same.

Public schools are non-secular institutions.  In Orlando, a group called ‘World Changers’ obtained permission from the elected Orange County School Board to distribute FREE bibles.  The operative word is not ‘free’ but BIBLES.  There are rules however; set up a table, stack it with product and make no contact with students.  Sound simple?   Intimidate by placing the tables by the doorway to and inside the student cafeteria breaks no rule.  Create interest by surrounding the table with proselytizing students is not a rule breaker either.  Next, the believers in Islam, Judaism, Satanism, Buddhism, Atheism and other creeds will want their ‘table’ too.  It’s easy to become lost to the fact that this is a public school where reading, writing and arithmetic/algebra form the curriculum.

It is cowardly to use our children as a captive market to advance self-righteous causes.  Guns don’t belong in schools and neither do bibles.

Pay attention to the little things!

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