Inflation Indicators For Seniors

No one in their right mind believes a different set of inflation factors exist for seniors than for everyone else.  And Washington is pitching a chained-CPI sale.

President Obama said, “We cannot balance the budget on the backs of the most vulnerable citizens.”  This is one more insincere mouthful of words.  Since Social Security is separately funded, why did President Obama offer it as a concession to the GOP during the fiscal cliff debate?

A chained-CPI is a morally starved, cleverly concocted method to cut social security cost-of-living adjustments that has nothing to do with spending cuts.  By linking it to budget debates, we are led to believe that it does.  It is an entirely separate agenda item with a timely public introduction.  Politicians are not stupid.  Impression is everything.  The work to eliminate social security benefits has begun.

I think America has lost its mind in the hunger to profit from every life eventuality.  Our elected officials are complicit by enacting laws that create legal theft.  Rearranging the deck chairs doesn’t change the fact that inflation is the real amount people pay.  How they pay for it is not government’s business.  All that is realistic about using this data to squeeze even more out of seniors is the elderly become more disadvantaged.  Passage of this discriminatory legislation will set a precedent for inflation conversations at all levels.

Set the ‘do not track’ option on your browser.  Pay with cash!!!

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