America’s Greatest Threat – FEAR

Regardless of the topic, news articles, peoples’ comments to them, human interest stories or personal blogs, I see a basis of fear generating opinion.  Few facts are relevant when coupled with a reason to state them.

As a person I am difficult to demograph.  I seek data from all sources and accept the fabric of that information as anything but whole cloth.  Stories soaked with anger and hatred are difficult to separate from honor and truth because all contain an unarguable element.  My world utopian viewpoint is under attack.  Go! World Peace!

Fear plays on personal predispositions; it is the engine used to capitalize on uncertainty.  Personal viewpoints are sold when gullible responses simply shut up the noise by using others’ echoed positions.  The din rages on.  Refuse to be on a ‘side.’  Read everything.  Find articles containing thoughts different from the usual internet chatter.  And, if you can keep your ‘cool,’ talk face to face with someone who might think another way.

Our country leaders are no better than grown-up schoolyard bullies.  As powerful adults they are surrounded by like-minded sycophants and others who possess the resources to run a program to dominate.  It is a dangerous combination; force, power and wealth.

At present, the loudest fear monger will determine what is right for the US population.  Knowing there is a difference between right and wrong will not matter.


I’m calling this segment ‘A Little Pair Of Cowgirl Boots.’  It was a brief clip on CNN a few weeks ago.  The mother of a Newtown victim standing vulnerably in front of the camera telling what her little girl had wanted for Christmas.  Her raw emotion was powerful and unimaginably deep.

Her love and dignity were sweeping.  She is what America needs to be.

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