Passive-Aggressive President Waffles On Election Promises

I can’t believe the words coming out of the president’s mouth.  Suggesting TAKING MORE from dependents of social programs is not ‘shared responsibility.’  It is hitting the beaten down harder.  How much will these deficit solution slide onto state responsibility?  If it isn’t clear how states fund programs, retake Economics 101.  Bowing down to big money is caving in to the noise, not leading the country.  It is the path to Greece.

$250K was the promise for continued tax breaks.  Not many of us down here know what we would do with that kind of income each year, but we said okay.  Within a month, the stakes have been reset to $400K.  The President has doubled the pot, and Boehner has smugly raised the ante to $1M.  Does anyone in Washington know what an incredible amount of money that is?  Why is this stupid game being played?  Are our lives so worthless to the powerful, that no sacrifice is too great for us to make for the elites to stuff million dollar bills into their piggy banks?

Balance the budget with more people paying taxes.  If the job creators won’t hire people as contributors, tax them until they do.

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