Immigration Reform vs STEM-sytle Green Cards

The chatter for the masses (like you and me) was about creating a path to citizenship for those who had illegally entered the country.  The 1986 amnesty granted permanent status to about three million people.  In less than ten years, there were five million more illegal residents.  Now more than twelve million ‘undocumented workers’ await the next amnesty.

No matter what politically correct phrase is used, a sub-culture of fear and retribution has been created.  Neither feel-good measures like the Dream Act or the uncompromising self-deportation solution address the problem of border integrity or the constraints of legal entry for some applicants.

Still embarrassed by their failure to correctly demograph Hispanic voters and in steep contradiction to cheap manual labor associated with amnesty seekers, the GOP have announced the solution to the immigration problem with green card advantages to certain graduates with advanced educational degrees obtained in US institutions.

Apples and Oranges!  There is no relationship between limited-income immigrants and a preferred class to fill a loudly touted shortage of qualified applicants for high tech jobs.

The GOP format is a regurgitated Staples Act bill that failed in 2011.  Mitt Romney, as he campaigned, said foreign graduates should have green cards stapled to their diplomas.  If a bill sponsored by Lamar Smith (R-Texas) is successful, 55,000 green-card applicants holding diplomas in STEM fields will be granted permanent residence status each year.

First it was outsource American jobs to cheap foreign labor.  Now it’s import cheap labor for American jobs.  Again, it is corporately beneficial.

When full disclosure of the effects of a bill would be questionable or unpopular, politicians are adept at ‘skipping to the chase.’  They waste no time with the minutiae of thinking about the ‘little people’ their policies affect.  On the other hand, it would be alarming if we accepted that people, to them, are nothing more than a means to the end.

How do we get our country back from big money?

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