The I’s of America

This country is running on ignorance, intolerance, indulgence, inequality and insatiable greed.

I don’t know if it’s more shocking that the GOP thought they had the election in the bag or that 47% of the electorate actually voted for Mitt Romney.  America gave President Obama another shot to get it right and already he’s cracked open the door to compromise with the Ryan budget under discussion again.  I thought the people said ‘NO’ to that.  The votes are counted and we bought what we were sold.

For there to be a future for actual people, we need to change as a society.

  • Replacing ignorance with awareness transcends toward knowledge.  Knowledge is the platform on which ideals stand.
  • The option to choose cannot be enacted into law with intolerance of your right to think differently.
  • Years of indulging the requirements of the powerful against individual benefits are no longer palpable.  America is not about jungle survival.  Humanity must mean more.  We have enough homeless families.
  • Inequality guarantees that all will not get the brass ring.  However, outside of personal circumstances, the possibility must still exist for each generation to achieve more than the one before.  This is America.  We do not have a gender or social order.  Some soul searching is needed for any among us who do.
  • Insatiable greed by corporate America will end when the majority refuses to pay more.  Businesses are like recalcitrant children who need parents to show some tough love and tell them ‘NO.’

There are positive media blips about change really happening this time.  There is also expressed doubt that the politicians have the guts to follow through.

Even if nothing comes out of this election, a cleaner self-image might demand some respect from future candidates.

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