Stan and Big Money Win – School Referendum Passes

What Seminole parents instill in their children is a much larger factor in why our schools are highly rated.  Most send their kids to school with a ready-to-learn attitude and support teachers and the educational system.  We actively engage as families and present opportunities and activities to enhance learning.  Parenting matters.  Education has been defunded by Tallahassee for twenty year and we’re doing just fine.

To increase my taxes, this republican-voting county mindlessly followed the PAC-led incentives promoting business with fear-generated tactics that our schools were on the brink of collapse without the additional funds.  There is no accountability clause for the $100,000,000.00 windfall.  Both Tallahassee and the county school board will bury expenditures in a meaningless cost/student ratio.

No one wants to pay more.  Listen to corporate America, the GOP and teabaggers wail and stonewall all attempts to end the Bush-era tax breaks and business incentives paid by the public.  These same businesses and politicos loudly promote the benefits of an initiative if it will shift a further tax burden onto citizens.  They use both sides of their mouths to keep your tax dollars directed toward their interests and lobby for increases if the foreseeable benefit will be to actual people.

I am over the language gymnastics.  I am not going to shut up and pay.  And, dear voter who doesn’t own property but got to vote to raise my taxes, you too will get a bill.  Your landlord owns the property you rent.  Malls own the property tenant businesses operate.  The lesson learned in the last 30 years is that costs trickle down.

America will be able to take care of itself when it stops treating business as the god we must bow to.  Let this be the last time leaders are blindly followed.  Start thinking for yourself.

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