GOP Loses – Hatred On 24-Hour Recycle

You’re nuts if you think the hate-inspired republican party are done with the electorate.  Sarah Palin said “Don’t retreat, reload,” and within a week and a half, the GOP guns are locked and loaded.

Game On!!!  Shut down this thunderous negativity machine!

I want the new promise.  The Obama second term must deliver for the citizens and that will mean turning his back on corporate interests.  The two simply cannot co-exist.

Among important people speaking up for the middle class are Bernie Sanders (Vermont Senator), Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts Senator) and Nina Turner (Ohio State Senator.)  Their interviews are fired with articulate language that needs saying in the specific terms they use.

How the business community took control of America is covered in ‘Who Stole the American Dream,’ written by Hedrick Smith.

Fully comprehend the power of the corporate-funded GOP and their religious-right base.

No concessions are needed by the President to let the Bush-era tax cuts expire on January 1 because that’s when they’re supposed to end.

Fear of the Republican Party is justified.  Watch out for Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, John McCain, Karl Rove, Grover Norquist and Rush Limbaugh.  They are well organized.  Their attack will be relentless, loud and frequent.

Arm yourself with facts to take apart GOP rhetoric, one word at a time.  ‘Forward’ is more than a slogan.  It is the direction for the middle class recovery.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are already irrelevant.

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