Vehicle Insurance Premiums Add Up For Insurers

Our Annual Renewal for car insurance said, PAY $300.00 more!

No wrecks, speeding tickets, parking fines, seat belt violations, equipment failures or flat tires.  The car is even reasonably clean.

The law says we have to have insurance on our vehicle, so we asked why we were being whopped with a 30% increase.  The agent checked our clean record and said, “Because we can.  The State allows us a certain percentage increase each year.”

I admit the car is old, a 1996 Honda.  It wasn’t a clunker so we didn’t benefit from that scam.  The new premium is $1,350/year.  Simple math equates that as three times more than the value of the vehicle and we’ve paid more than double the original cost of the car in insurance premiums.

Give me a break!  The middle class isn’t stupid.  We are not victims but culpable when we reelect the same representatives to run the system and patsies when 30% increases go unchallenged.  We are well aware that the State supplies the hammer for greedy corporate agents to knock down the door.

The middle class is not hording their money to screw the economic recovery.  We’re saving it to pay unjustified cost increases, fees and taxes perpetrated by business friendly State legislatures and unregulated industries.  Even a fifth grader knows when the playing field isn’t level.

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